Sustainable Development in the Triglav Group 2015

Triglav Vreme

A free mobile application for weather information and warnings

A representative of the Slovenian Environment Agency about the significance of access to weather information

Triglav Vreme provides reliable information from the Slovenian Environment Agency and forecasts for both individual locations and the entire Slovenia. Users are informed of adverse weather events via push notifications.

Information about the water flow and level of selected waters is provided for all flood risk areas, thereby ensuring timely and up-to-date warnings about increased water flows and water levels.

Mountain and ski lovers will be happy to receive information about the current weather situation and the weather forecast for the coming days. All about the mobile application Triglav Vreme.


A mobile application for safe and responsible driving

Discover how DRAJV changed the driving of a young driver

By improving our driving, we can significantly contribute to better road safety. The mobile application DRAJV is free for all users, not only for Zavarovalnica Triglav’s policyholders.

Driving safety is assessed by monitoring compliance with speed limits and measuring excessive acceleration, braking and cornering. It also takes into account the type of road. Policyholders who drive safely are rewarded with a fairer premium.

For the full inclusion of people
with disabilities

of our representative offices
in Slovenia enable unhindered access for people with disabilities, while the remaining are equipped with bells for staff assistance and are being gradually redesigned.
of seats in our regional units
in Slovenia have been fitted with FM devices for hard-of-hearing persons.
of our own points of sales
have been equipped with accessories for partially sighted persons.
of the employees
in Zavarovalnica Triglav have the status of a person with disabilities.

Together we are counting down the days to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

Our paralympic athletes achieve excellent sports results and we believe that through joint cooperation they will gain additional courage on their road to success. Due to interpersonal ties created by sport, we strive to encourage young persons with disabilities and persons with special needs to participate in sports activities.


By pursuing this mission, the Company has become a partner of the Paralympic Committee of the Sports Federation for the Disabled of Slovenia and as a general sponsor provided support to the Slovene paralympic athletes at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games in Brazil.

Discover the Paralympic School Day

Simple claim reporting and quick claim settlement are of key importance to our policyholders and everyone who is involved in a loss event.

In claim settlement, client relationship is continuously upgraded and client satisfaction closely monitored. Ongoing contact with clients is established as their feedback not only helps improve the Company’s services but also helps customize new services to client needs even better.