Contacts for investors
EUR 88.9 million
Net profit of the Triglav Group
EUR 704.0 million
Capital of the Triglav Group
─3.5 p.p.
Improved combined ratio in non-life insurance of the Triglav Group
2nd most traded
share on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange in terms of liquidity and market capitalisation

Gross written premium from insurance and co-insurance contracts of the Triglav (in EUR million)

The high "A─"
credit rating

of Zavarovalnica Triglav together with its subsidiary Pozavarovalnica Triglav Re, and thereby the Triglav Group, was reaffirmed by the credit rating agencies S&P and A.M. Best.

Upgraded, positive medium-term outlook

assigned by S&P is based on the Group’s leading market position in the Adria region, a good business outlook, the quality of the existing portfolio and robust risk management, A.M.Best reaffirmed a positive medium-term outlook of the Triglav Group.

Andrej Slapar

Interview with the President of the Management Board

Solid performance towards strategic objectives

In the interview, Andrej Slapar presents the business results of the jubilee 115th financial year and future plans of the Triglav Group.

How would you assess the achieved results with regard to the set objectives and the results of the previous year?

Primarily I believe that we successfully implemented the set strategy geared towards the profitability and safety of our operations, which is reflected in the Group’s financial stability. By implementing the priorities, we managed to achieve results that were above the 2014 level and plans. Insurance companies within the Group, particularly those outside Slovenia, booked a higher total written premium from insurance and reinsurance. Progress was made in the health and pension insurance segment, of key importance for development. This included the acquisition of Skupna pokojninska družba, the second largest provider of voluntary pension insurance in Slovenia.

Performance of the Triglav Group

Moving forward into the mobile future

Watch an interesting video on the development of simple and useful mobile applications.

New ways of ensuring greater policyholders’ safety are built through innovative technologies.

Triglav was the first in the Adria region to apply telematics. The free mobile application DRAJV was developed to improve the driving safety and save on car insurance.

Triglav Vreme, a new application and Triglav Škode application will be available soon and are designed to be accessible and useful.