Tradition or future? We unify both.

Tradition or future?

EUR 100.9 million

Net profit before tax of the Triglav Group

EUR 1,184.2 million

Gross written premium of the Triglav Group


Credit rating with a stable medium-term outlook

The Triglav Group and Zavarovalnica Triglav d.d. Annual Report 2019

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We unify both.


The combined ratio of the Triglav Group


Return on equity of the Group


The share of highly engaged employees

The mission of the Triglav Group is to build a safer future.

The current global situation means we are even more connected; combining modern technology, expertise of our employees and strong professional relationships; we will remain committed to this in the future.

We thank our employees, shareholders, customers and all partners for their achievements in our 120th year. We are especially grateful for the sacrifice of those of you who take care of our health and ensure our daily care and safety during these challenging times.

Address by the President of the
Management Board

Good business results of the Group in both core activities

We achieved premium growth on all insurance markets in the Adria region and increased the volume of assets in mutual funds by 68%. The Triglav Group is actively pursuing the strategic guidelines outlined until 2022.

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Andrej Slapar

President of the Management Board of Zavarovalnica Triglav

A firm leader in the Adria region


1st rank, 35.5% market share
+10% written premium***


8th rank, 4.6% market share
+14% written premium***


5th rank, 6.4% market share*
+19% written premium***


1st rank, 38.7% market share
+11% written premium***

Bosnia and Herzegovina

5th rank, 7.7% market share**
+9% written premium***

North Macedonia

1st rank, 13.8% market share
+1% written premium***
  • * Q1–3 2019 data
  • ** H1 2019 data
  • *** The data show the growth of the Triglav Group’s gross written premium by an individual market.
Protecting business excellence
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