The Triglav Group and Zavarovalnica Triglav d.d. 2019 Annual Report

The Triglav Group and Zavarovalnica Triglav in 2019

  • The Triglav Group and its parent company operated at a profit and surpassed the planned business results.
  • Strategic development activities were carried out actively and systematically in accordance with the strategy of the Triglav Group. 
  • The Group is financially sound, its capital adequacy is within the target range and the credit rating of »A« has a stable medium-term outlook.
  • The Group firmly remains the leader both in the Adria region and the Slovene insurance market.
  • Premium growth was achieved on all insurance markets and in all insurance segments. The value of assets under management was increased.
  • The asset management business was strengthened by the acquisition of ALTA Skladi and their merger with Triglav Skladi.

Financial highlights of the Triglav Group

    in EUR million

Gross written premium from insurance, co-insurance and reinsurance contracts1,184.21,068.4999.9111107
Net premium income1,027.6951.8891.2108107
Gross claims paid716.7679.6642.2105106
Net claims incurred684.1626.6620.0109101
Gross operating expenses305.3288.8274.0106105
Profit before tax100.997.584.4104115
Net profit83.980.869.7104116
Net profit attributable to the controlling company83.780.769.3104116
Combined ratio91.5%91.8%93.1%10099
Insurance technical provision as at 31 December2,878.92,713.12,732.210699
Equity as at 31 December792.0746.9756.610699
Equity attributable to the controlling company as at 31 December789.5744.6749.810699
Return on equity10.9%10.8%9.3%101116
Return on eqiuty attributable to the controlling company10.9%10.8%9.3%101116
Book value per share (in EUR)34.7332.7532.9810699
Net earnings per share (in EUR)3.693.563.07104116
Number of employees as at 31 December5,2815,1665,151102

Financial hightlights of Zavarovalnica Triglav

    in EUR million

Gross wrtitten premium from insurance, co-insurance and reinsurance contracts702.1660.2622.0106106
Net premium income573.6551.9522.1104106
Gross claims paid425.2421.0411.3101102
Net claims incurred376.8359.9376.310596
Gross operating expenses180.5174.4167.7103104
Profit before tax84.678.573.8108106
Net profit70.665.562.5108105
Combined ratio85.6%86.1%87.9%9998
Insurance technical provisions as at 31 December2,149.02,061.42,103.410498
Equity as at 31 December580.5560.1571.410498
Return on equity12.4%11.6%11.0%107105
Book value per share (in EUR)25.5324.6425.1310498
Net earnings per share (in EUR)3.112.882.75108105
Number of employees as at 31 December2,2532,2902,28598100

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