Adverse weather conditions, such as storms, may affect large areas of agricultural land. Even though Domen Marovt wishes that the nature would spare his quality hop plantation of over 12 hectares, he cannot rely on it. Hop is grown on half of the area of the family farm with more than 140 years of tradition and is one of the largest hop producers in Slovenia, ranking third in Europe and fifth worldwide in terms of hop production. However, Domen’s ancestors were devoted to farming long before the first hop plantation was planted there. 

Today, the traditional activities are combined with new methods. In the middle of the summer 2018, Zavarovalnica Triglav was the first to test the use of drones to appraise damage to crops in Prekmurje. Satisfied with the results, it was decided that the competent employees will undergo training in drone flying and simpler inspections, while more complicated flights and measurements will be performed by the Company's specialised authorised partner. The autumn training course was attended by Igor Golihleb from the Celje Regional Unit (on the cover) and Tomaž Mazi from the Headquarters, who implement new procedures into the everyday practice with their colleagues.