Through the network of authorised partners, we respond immediately after reporting in order to eliminate the consequences of the event for which the client contacted us. That was the procedure that autumn morning near the Adriatic coast. The driver in the photo reported a claim via a mobile application. For him and everyone on the road or in a hurry, our service also includes renting a replacement vehicle and assisting in organising vehicle repair.

Clients need our help not only when it comes to vehicle breakdown or a traffic accident but also in solving problems and repairing damage at home and at work. Quality and custom-tailored assistance services available at any time are becoming more and more popular among policyholders in all markets of the Group. In addition to extending the range of assistance services, the partner network for the settlement of non-life claims, such as flood, fire, equipment malfunction and damage to buildings, is being expanded. In 2018, assistance insurance for pleasure and sports vessels was added. Home assistance is now also available to the policyholders in BiH, while in Slovenia computer assistance has become part of new personal protection insurance.