Darko Đurić, para-swimming champion:

Our goals. Our passion.

"The more demanding the competition, the more motivated I am."

The Triglav Group and Zavarovalnica Triglav d.d. Annual Report 2016

Sustainable Development in the Triglav Group 2016

Zavarovalnica Triglav is the general sponsor of the Slovene Paralympic Committee

Trajnostno poročilo Skupine Triglav 2016

Our role-models, fully committed to their goals

Veselka Pevec, the winner of the gold medal in shooting at the Paralympic Games in Rio, and Darko Đurić, a paralympic champion in swimming, prove that the real obstacles are only in our mind. With hard work, training and passion anything is possible, even winning an Olympic gold medal and setting a world record. Meet extraordinary athletes and their coaches, who have become our role models in achieving the goals. They encourage us with their team spirit, humanity and the ability to overcome any obstacles.

Read the interview and find out how strong will and cooperation can move mountains
Veselka Pevec, paralympic champion in shooting:
"When you are driven by goals, you want to be better and better."
Trajnostno poročilo Skupine Triglav 2016
Matevž Čelik in Lan Martin Kompan, pupils of the Ludvik Pliberšek Primary School in Maribor:
"After the installation of Your Speed signs, the drivers became more careful."
Trajnostno poročilo Skupine Triglav 2016

How fast do you drive?

Do you obey the speed limits? This is of key importance for traffic safety, particularly in the vicinity of primary schools and kindergartens where children are most exposed. In 2016, as many as 18 Your Speed signs were set up in the vicinity of primary schools and kindergartens, while 15 monitors were installed in school lobbies, on which the speed statistics can be monitored. The results of the “Together Calming the Traffic” drive are encouraging as the average speed decreased by 2.5 km/h.

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Promising young staff on in-house training in Zavarovalnica Triglav.
Trajnostno poročilo Skupine Triglav 2016

Success wouldn’t be possible without a good team

Over 5,000 employees in six countries are part of the story of Triglav’s success. The diversity of generations brings an array of advantages and benefits. We want to create the conditions that will not only motivate the elderly to stay active in their old age but also enable young people to successfully enter the business world. A number of solutions improving the relationships between the employees were introduced so as to facilitate good cooperation between different generations and to bring them closer.

  • Intergenerational working groups have been formed.
  • Succession is carefully planned.
  • Mentoring and training for leaders are regularly held.