The Triglav Group and Zavarovalnica Triglav d.d. Annual Report 2023

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The Triglav Group and Zavarovalnica Triglav d.d. Annual Report 2023

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Žiga Berlec

Agent and Volunteer Firefighter at Motnik Volunteer Fire Brigade

The region I cover as both an agent and a volunteer firefighter was heavily affected by floods in June and August. Despite enduring demanding workloads and limited sleep for several weeks, the awareness that people depended on my help provided solace and motivation. During the day, in my capacity as an agent, I documented the damage. For some clients, the flooding reached such severity that water inundated entire floors of their buildings, and in some cases, entire businesses were swept away. As a volunteer firefighter and also as a volunteer, I worked several nights and weekends, distributing food, assisting in landslide recovery, monitoring the situation. You never know when and who will need your help. In times of crisis, there's no time to question why, how or where help is needed – you simply respond.

Aleksander Petrič

Digital Platform Officer and Volunteer Firefighter at Šmarje - Sap Volunteer Fire Brigade

During the height of severe weather conditions, I had the opportunity to join our volunteer fire brigade, thanks to my employer's support. This meant a great deal to me. Once the national rescue plan was initiated, we collaborated with neighbouring and regional fire brigades to aid in the recovery efforts in Mežica. Our tasks included pumping water, clearing debris, and cleaning canals and riverbeds. Each event like this serves as a powerful reminder of how disasters can strike suddenly and provide us with the chance to assist those in need. The heartfelt gratitude expressed by the locals upon our departure, warmly welcoming our efforts, made all our hard work worthwhile.

Amir Duratović

Claims Senior Officer

When unexpected events strike, causing significant damage to life and property, we swiftly stand by our clients' side, providing support as soon as possible. I strongly believe in the importance of taking the first step, which is why I work closely with agents, collaborating as a cohesive team to handle cases effectively. The agent network provides up-to-date data and documents damage informatively, allowing me to approach each case well-prepared. Although digital tools have undeniably streamlined our processes, it's important to remember that the essence of these processes still lies in human involvement.

Jan Jelenc

Claims Officer, Ljubljana

I use a drone to survey affected areas, facilitating a more efficient and impartial settlement of claims. This was particularly valuable during July and August, where I must commend our dedicated management and effective organisational strategies for their pivotal role in our success during that period. I actively participated in mobile appraisal teams deployed to the most severely affected regions. Our agents, familiar with our clients' needs, played a crucial role in expediting claim processing by leveraging our in-house application. Additionally, a new solution providing graphical representations of the locations of property damage has streamlined our work. I helped coordinate this project and am pleased that it was completed just in time.

Marija Kuplen

Claims Officer, Murska Sobota

The extreme weather events last August were relatively less severe in the region where I conduct appraisals compared to the hardest-hit areas. However, there was an accident the previous month that resulted in a series of non-life claims. Leveraging this experience, we enhanced our claims settlement process. The intense workload was alleviated by our efficient organisation and good teamwork. It's imperative for us to remain constantly prepared to assist, adapt and advise our clients. I'm pleased that we've managed to uphold their high level of trust amid these challenging circumstances.

Manja Pražnikar

Public Relations Senior Officer

During last year's catastrophic events, both our clients and our colleagues required prompt answers. We acted swiftly, prioritising the well-being of those affected by advising them to ensure their safety, health and that of their loved ones. We disseminated pertinent information to the public and our clients through journalists, informing them about extended deadlines for reporting claims and the procedures they needed to follow. All inquiries were promptly addressed, and we collaborated closely with our in-house experts from various fields to provide comprehensive responses, fostering stronger teamwork. In such circumstances, success relies on a well-coordinated team; individual efforts alone are insufficient for an optimal outcome.

Tadej Strnad

Claims Specialist Officer, Ljubljana

Every one of us aims to avoid mass claims, but adequate preparation is essential, prompting us to make annual preparations. The key is to remain receptive to new suggestions and opportunities for improvement. Consequently, we have integrated new tools and solutions, including graphical tools, into our digitalised processes. With up-to-date data and operational frameworks in place, our clients have access to a wide array of mostly digital channels for their convenience. They can also choose to apply in person at our offices or via telephone, depending on their preference. Once the claims settlement procedure begins, other relevant departments are engaged alongside the claims departments. The procedure adheres to a structured protocol, tailored to the specifics of the event and the region.

Mitja Valek

Claims Officer, Celje

My guiding principle is to approach my clients personally, but unfortunately, in the case of mass CAT events, this is not always possible. In the extraordinary year of 2023, the number of claims surged significantly compared to the previous year. Some clients even suffered damage twice in a row, particularly in the Savinja and Koroška regions. In the region where I work, we encountered hailstorms and floods at the end of June, followed by storms in August. I'm grateful to all my colleagues, especially the agents, for handling the initial contacts with clients. This ensured that clients were well-informed about the necessary steps to report claims and expedited the settlement process, providing some relief and aiding them in moving forward with their lives.