The reputation of the Triglav Group is understood as building quality relationships with key stakeholders, while business performance reflects the positive trends of the key indicators of the Group’s sustainable development.

The Group’s active role in the development and implementation of responsible business practices will continue in the future. The Group participates in the long-term sustainable development of the insurance and financial industry, particularly by pursuing responsible and comprehensive management of financial and non-financial risks and the management of its shareholders’ and clients’ assets, as promoted by the respective United Nations and Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. The scope of material topics and disclosures according to the GRI GS standard is shown in the table below and obtained through a stakeholder analysis and a materiality analysis (2017). 

Material topics of sustainable development of the Triglav Group and Zavarovalnica Triglav

Economic impacts
  • Economic performance
  • Market presence
  • Indirect economic impacts
  • Procurement practices
  • Protection of competition
  • Anti-corruption behaviour

Social aspects
  • Employment
  • Relationships between the employees and the management
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Employee training
  • Diversity and equal opportunities
  • Labour practices
  • Local communities
  • Non-discrimination
  • Grievance mechanisms on human rights policies or procedures
  • Supplier assessment by grievance mechanisms
  • Marketing and labelling
  • Product and service portfolio
  • User privacy
  • Socioeconomic compliance area
Environmental aspects
  • Energy
  • Wastewater and waste
  • Supplier environmental assessment

Material topics and methods in stakeholder engagement

Material topics/interest
  • Fast payment of damages
  • Good ratio between the price and quality of insurance and financial products and services
  • Benefits for the existing and new policyholders, clients
  • Reliability and trust in the Triglav Group
  • Affordable insurance and strong profitability of the Group’s funds
  • Market experience
  • Friendly approach to clients, policyholders
  • Personal relationship with an expert
  • Innovative financial/insurance products and services
  • Personal data protection and care
  • Responsible and understandable terms and conditions of insurance and financial services and products
  • The remuneration system and performance-related pay
  • Career advancement system
  • Information about important milestones and changes in the Company
  • Business strategy
  • Relationships among employees
  • Work-life balance
  • Education and additional training
  • Safety and health at work
  • Business strategy
  • In-depth information on the operations, financial position and plans of the Group
  • Financial efficiency, capital adequacy
  • Dividend policy and returns
  • Responsible and sustainable operations
State and supervisory bodies
  • Ensuring capital adequacy
  • Safety of policyholders and/or users of insurance services
  • Efficient risk management system
  • Compliance of operations and insurance and financial services and products
  • Complying with all obligations of a public company
  • Responsible and sustainable operations
  • Long-term cooperation
  • Reliable and timely payments
  • Upgrading the existing cooperation
  • Delivery times, prices of services and goods
  • Delivery of environmentally friendly material
  • Paperless operations
Local and broader community
  • Traffic safety
  • Fire safety
  • Health protection and care
  • Co-development of projects in the fields of culture, sport, prevention, health, art, charity
  • Infrastructure investments
  • Access to insurance services for people with various disabilities
  • Insurance and financial literacy
  • Transparent information about the operations, events and changes in the Triglav Group
  • Information about insurance and financial products and services
  • Cooperation with local and broader community
  • Development and general insurance topics
  • Professional insurance and financial topics

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