Relevance of content for shareholders and the Triglav Group

Economic impacts
Social impacts
Environmental impacts
1. Capital adequacy
2. Business strategy and plans
3. Efficient risk management system
4. Profitability
5. Fast payment of damages
6. Long-term cooperation with suppliers
7. The remuneration system
8. Reliability of payments
9. Favourable premium
10. Safety of customers
11. Reliability and trust in the Company
12. In-depth information on the operations
13. Traffic and fire safety
14. Information about changes in the Company
15. Education and training
16. Relationships among employees
17. Access for people with disabilities
18. Friendly approach to clients
19. Responsible and sustainable operations
20. Financial literacy
21. Cooperation with local communities
22. Innovative products and services
23. Infrastructure investments
24. Health prevention

25. Responsible use of natural resources

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