Active Road Signs: Safety Improved up to 90%  

Traffic accidents occur more frequently at dangerous and undetectable road sections. Such circumstances require a high concentration of the driver, which is increased by the intelligent warning system COPS@road. 

This technological innovation uses detectors to detect that several road users are approaching the section from various directions. It is designed on a modular series of active road signs adapted to the specificities of each road section. 

Real-time collision warning

The intelligent system alerts the drivers on both priority and non-priority roads in real time by using flashing light signals that vehicles are approaching the road section from other directions and that there is a risk of collision. It also warns the drivers of an exceeded speed limit.

In three years, the young company COPS systems and Zavarovalnica Triglav equipped sharp bends, poorly detectable intersections and low-visibility underpasses with the COPS@road system in 24 Slovene municipalities. They became safer with innovative light signals powered by solar energy. Frequent traffic accidents characteristic for blind bends completely disappeared on certain critical road sections fitted with this system.

Since August 2017, warning signals have been installed on the intersection in Stražišče in Kranj. This intersection is dangerous mainly because it is undetectable and due to a long flat road before it, where drivers gain overly high speeds.