Responsibility toward clients

The Triglav Group strives to build long-term relationships with its clients. Caring for clients, continuous monitoring of their needs and effective elimination of potential disagreements are the basis of the company-client relationship. Emphasis is put on transparent, intelligible and accessible insurance products and services. The Company follows these guidelines already in the development phase of insurance products, at the same time focusing on quality after-sale services.

The insurance contracts and other financial transactions are often quite complex and difficult to understand for clients, therefore every effort is made to explain all their rights and obligations in concluding such contracts and to provide the necessary material. No misleading, aggressive, insulting, shocking or other inappropriate sales practices are used in promotional activities and the marketing of products and services.

The Triglav Group fully complies with the consumer legislation and the special requirements with regard to client information when concluding distant contracts for financial services, including insurance contracts. By upgrading its digital business, Zavarovalnica Triglav also applies the recommendations of the Slovene Consumers’ Association for improving financial literacy. 

Dynamic development of services and the client relationship, which is strongly influenced by new technologies, is presented in Section 11. of the Management Report. To point out a few highlights:

  • Promotion and rewarding of safe driving. In 2016, an increased number of DRAJV application users was recorded. 
  • Upgrading of claim services. The mobile application enables clients to report a claim, monitor the progress of the claim settlement process and order assistance services.
  • Strengthening of prevention activities. The previously mentioned widely used website Vse bo v redu (Everything Will Be Alright) online provides advice on prevention and promoting insurance literacy. The section “Fine Print” was introduced so as to explain some of the basic insurance concepts and principles. In cooperation with the Slovenian Environment Agency, the Triglav Vreme mobile application was upgraded. See Section 12.7.1 for more details about prevention activities.
  • Quick access to the Company with the aim of receiving assistance, up-to-date information, taking out insurance and exercising the rights from insurance is being upgraded. 

Clients can receive information on non-life and life insurance products by calling the toll-free number 080 555 555. The assistance and general information point is fully operational 24/7 all year round at the special number 080 2864 (for calls from abroad: +386 2222 2864).  

The website enables clients insights into products and services, safe underwriting, quick reporting of claims, purchase of insurance policies and advice. Equal access to the range of products and services is also provided to computer literate movement-impaired policyholders. 

In all formats of information materials (web, print or audio-video editions), the Company strives for simplicity and clarity. 

The i.triglav web office was upgraded with the new functionality, which enables to view all insurance policies concluded with Zavarovalnica Triglav, Triglav, Zdravstvena zavarovalnica and Skupna pokojninska družba. The i.triglav web office for corporate users was developed for employers so as to enable easy data exchange on concluded group supplemental voluntary pension insurance and an overview of taken out insurance policies. Furthermore, the i.triglav web office was introduced in Croatia.

Access to insurance services for people with various disabilities


Zavarovalnica Triglav: to improve the services provided to persons with disabilities and ensure their full integration  

  • 65% of the Company’s points of sale enable a completely independently access to people with different types of impairment (in 2016: business premises  v Ljubljana, Dunajska 20-22). 
  • 100% of the points of sale equipped with aids for partially sighted persons.
  • 100% of the regional units’ head offices fitted with FM devices for hard-of-hearing persons.
  • Website are in compliance at least with the requirements of the AA standard WCAG 2.0 for visually impaired persons.
  • Promoting awareness about the needs of persons with disabilities In cooperation with the Sports Federation for the Disabled of Slovenia and the Vozim Institute, voluntary work of the employees at school sports days. 
  • Financial support to TIPK TV web television, which adapts public information to hard-of-hearing, deaf, blind and partially sighted persons. 
  • Zavarovalnica Triglav, the general sponsor in 2015 and 2016, will continue to cooperate with the Slovene Paralympic Committee.

Responsibility to the natural environment through insurance products and services

Responsibility to the natural environment through insurance products and services

Zavarovalnica Triglav promotes a responsible attitude to the natural environment and encourages locally grown food supply through insurance products and services, focusing mostly on the agricultural insurance segment.

  • The premium policy is designed to encourage policyholders to invest in active protection from adverse weather conditions through the use of anti-hail nets, greenhouses, tunnels, and irrigation and sprinkler systems for spring frost protection. Apart from that, funds were provided for the installation of multiple anti-hail nets in orchards across Slovenia, repairs of vineyard equipment, greenhouse mist systems and orchard sprinkler irrigation systems. The Company funds research on growing a more resistant planting material.  
  • In agricultural insurance, electronic commerce was introduced in the estimation of damage in the field, which is both user- and environment-friendly (paperless operations). 
  • The Company encourages less intensive animal production, which is not only environmentally friendlier but also involves fewer insurance risks. Cattle insurance (the main class of livestock insurance) was adapted to local specifics and small and medium-sized livestock farms to maintain agricultural production in less favoured areas (limiting agricultural factors).
  • The stimulative premium policy for young farmers contributes to the promotion of young farmers setting up an agricultural holding, the preservation of settlement and larger land cultivation in the Slovene countryside. These goals are consistent with the interests of both the Common Agricultural Policy and the Slovene agricultural policy. 
  • By distributing preventive items, the possibility of the occurrence of damage in livestock production is reduced (dermatological veterinary ointments and sprays). 
  • Individual target groups are informed about the importance of prevention and risk management in agricultural production and the need to protect domestic food production:
    • promotion of insurance co-financed by municipalities at the level of local communities,
    • promotion of cooperatives by concluding insurance via cooperatives (especially with regard to hop insurance).  
  • Active support is provided to the Slovene Rural Youth Association (ZPMS) for its annual Young Innovative Farmer. 
  • The Company actively supports promotion of Slovene products: at the announcement of the Wine Queen of Slovenia, support to the Slovene winemakers’ football team, the current European champion.
  • Furthermore, active support was provided to the international conference on livestock nutrition.
  • In cooperation with Alfakan, awareness-raising activities were undertaken among dog owners, in addition to activities related to training and re-training of dogs (lectures, reflective dog scarves and collars, first aid for small animals).
  • Conclusion of agricultural insurance with the premium co-financed by the Government: In accordance with the Decree on co-financing of insurance premiums for primary agricultural production and fisheries, the insurer and the policyholder agree on the payment of only that part of the premium which the policyholder is required to pay. On behalf of the policyholder, the insurer seeks the payment of the remaining portion of the premium, which is co-financed by the Government, directly from the Agency for Agricultural Markets and Rural Development. 

Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction

Complaints are an important indicator of client satisfaction, and therefore they are regularly monitored, resolved and analysed. In 2016, 2,383 complaints were recorded compared to 1,329 complaints filed in 2015. The largest increase was seen in the number of complaints related to non-life claim settlement due to simpler, faster and more consistent registration of complaints using the new application. The majority of complaints were made with respect to the content (90.9%), most of which were related to non-life insurance (87.8%), 10.5% referred to life insurance and 1.7% to other segments. With respect to non-life insurance most complaints were filed against the decision of the Company to reject the claim, against the amount of the damages paid and the grounds for the payment of damages or insurance benefits, whereas in relation to life insurance most complaints were made against the sales procedure and the amount of damages or insurance benefits paid. In the reporting year, 12.6% of total resolved complaints were founded and 10.8% were partly founded.  Apart from that, 43 compliments were received (60 in 2015).

So as to determine client satisfaction and knowledge, the survey Insurance Monitor (international survey conducted annually since 2000), brand reputation measurements among residents (twice a year) and purchase factor measurements are used. By conducting the research on purchasing channels, the Company assessed client satisfaction for eight different insurance classes at its points of sale (Net promoter Score). Promoters were the respondents who were the policyholders of the Company and assigned the highest score (10 or 9). According to the score, they would certainly recommend Zavarovalnica Triglav to others; their share varied between 37% and 54%. Detractors were those who assigned the lowest scores (6–0) and who would not recommend the Company to others. Their share was between 22% and 48%. The score refers to those policyholders who took out insurance in the past year.

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