Key stakeholders

The Company strives for a fair and balanced cooperation and a two-way communication with its stakeholder groups, which include the shareholders, the insured or the policyholders, public authorities, supervisory bodies, suppliers, creditors, analysts, media and local and broader communities. 

In pursuit of its mission, Zavarovalnica Triglav identifies and monitors the needs and interests of stakeholders through a web of mutual relationships at the strategic and operational levels, strengthening the understanding between individual stakeholder groups and the Company and enhancing mutual trust. 

The table below shows the involvement of stakeholders and the key topics.

Form of involvement
Key topic/interest


  • Personal contact with insurance agents and brokers
  • E-mail
  • Opinion polls
  • Websites
  • Blogs, social networks
  • Television, radio and newspaper ads
  • Collecting complaints and compliments
  • Mobile applications 
  • Fast payment of damages
  • A good ratio between the price and quality of insurance
  • Benefits for loyal clients
  • Reliability and trust in the Company
  • Low insurance premiums
  • Market experience
  • Friendly approach to clients
  • Innovative insurance products and services
  • Protection of personal data


  • Personal contact 
  • E-mail
  • Management participation (the Works Council and trade union representatives in the Supervisory Board)
  • Organisational climate measurement
  • Triglav.smo programme 
  • In-house magazine Obzornik
  • In-house events, sports and recreational events for employees
  • The remuneration system and performance-related pay
  • Career advancement system
  • Information about changes in the Company
  • Relationships among employees
  • The life-work balance
  • Education and additional training
  • Safety and health at work

Shareholders/ Iinvestors

  • General Meetings of Shareholders
  • Notices via and on the SEOnet online portal (the Ljubljana Stock Exchange website)
  • E-mail
  • Interim and annual reports
  • Presentations for investors
  • Investors conferences, individual meetings
  • In-depth information on the operations and financial position of the Group
  • Financial result/efficiency
  • Business strategy and plans
  • Dividend policy and returns
  • Corporate social responsibility


  • Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA) reports
  • Regular reviews by inspection and supervisory bodies
  • Audits by certified auditors
  • Ensuring capital adequacy 
  • Safety of policyholders and/or users of insurance services
  • Efficient risk management system
  • Compliance of insurance products and services
  • Complying with the obligations of a public company

Suppliers and creditors

  • Public tenders and competitions
  • Meetings with suppliers
  • E-mail and electronic operations 
  • Long-term cooperation
  • Reliability of payments
  • Upgrading the existing cooperation
  • Delivery times, prices of services and goods 
  • Delivery of environmentally friendly material
  • Paperless operations


  • Entering into partnerships with non-profit organisations and educational institutions and execution of joint projects
  • Public tenders for allocation of sponsorship and donation funds
  • Cooperation with local decision-makers
  • Traffic safety
  • Fire safety
  • Co-financing of cultural, sports and humanitarian projects
  • Infrastructure investments
  • Access to insurance services for people with various disabilities
  • Financial literacy 


  • Press releases 
  • Press conferences
  • Answers and explanations 
  • Transparent information about the operations, events and changes in the Triglav Group


Relevance of content for stakeholders and the Triglav Group