Responsibility to the community

The Triglav Group is closely involved in the environment in which it operates and fulfils its corporate social responsibility through various prevention activities, voluntary work of employees and partnerships with the local community. 

In cooperation with local communities, several projects and actions were carried out: Within the framework of the Children of Triglav project, carried out for the fourth year, multi-purpose playground equipment was installed to the joy of the children in the Municipality of Hrastnik. Moreover, 15 playgrounds were renovated in the Municipality of Piran. Two corporate social responsibility projects – Children of Triglav and Let’s Clean Our Mountains – were connected, in the context of which a new children's playground was built beside the Dom v Tamarju mountain hut. In addition, since the start of the campaign 15 other playgrounds from Kobarid to Slovenska Bistrica were renovated.

Corporate volunteering of Zavarovalnica Triglav’s employees 


Employee volunteering

"Children of Triglav" Project
Renovation of ŽIV ŽAV playground in Jesenice
Corporate Voluntary Week "Giving Back to the Community", organised by the American Chamber of Commerce
Arrangement of a therapeutic garden at the dislocated unit of the Metlika Nursing Home, landscaping and making decorations with the residents of the IDILA Nursing Home in Vukovski Dol, assistance in the care of users at the Ozara Brežice Day Centre
Cooperation with the Sports Federation for the Disabled of Slovenia – the Paralympic Committee
Participation in the organisation of the Paralympic Winter Sports Days in elementary schools across Slovenia

Prevention activities aimed at reducing risks are an important guideline for sustainable operations of insurance companies. The activities are undertaken in line with internal documents and measures relating to the implementation of prevention activities.

In 2015, a total of EUR 3.1 million or 24% more than in the previous year was allocated to prevention activities of the Triglav Group and EUR 1.4 million or 7% more to those of Zavarovalnica Triglav. Most funds were spent on improving road safety, reducing the risks of fire and measures for greater protection from adverse effects of climate change. For the second consecutive year, a portion of funds allocated for corporate gifts was used for preventive actions across Slovenia.

Funds allocated for prevention activities of the Triglav Group in 2013–2015

The share of Zavarovalnica Triglav’s funds for prevention activities by purpose


Prevention projects

For better road safety:

  • For the second time in a row, a painting competition was organised in cooperation with the Public Agency for Traffic Safety and Mladinska knjiga. Children from 100 Slovene kindergartens created their works of art on the topic of "Child passenger – safe in traffic".
  • In partnership with the Vozim Institute, the innovative workshops "I still drive – but I don't walk” were organised for secondary school students, who were also acquainted with the DRAJV application aimed at improving driving. At 100 workshops held in the 2014/2015 school year, 7,560 secondary school students heard personal stories of 15 speakers who were injured in a road accident. They also talked about how to responsibly behave in traffic as a young driver. 
  • Dangerous road sections continued to be equipped with the COPS@road warning system (Collision Preventing Safety System). In cooperation with Aktivna signalizacija Korun, 12 road sections were fitted with the COPS@road system in the past two years. In all road sections equipped with this system, traffic telemetry will be performed and road accident statistics monitored.  
  • The free mobile application DRAJV was developed to monitor driving and improve driving safety (the mobile application is described in detail under Section Marketing activities). 
  • At the beginning of the new school year, more than 35-year-old tradition was continued by donating yellow neckerchiefs to more than 22,000 first graders. Together with the Public Agency for Traffic Safety, a series of videos on road safety was recorded for elementary schools. Zavarovalnica Triglav’s mascot Kuža Pazi (Watch Out Doggy) reminded school children, parents and drivers of road safety in over 50 elementary schools and kindergartens. 
  • In collaboration with the Automobile Association of Slovenia (AMZS), driving safety training for beginner drivers was organised at the Safe Driving Centre in Vransko. In 2015, additional locations for driving safety training were added: the Blagomix Safe Driving Centre in Logatec and Španik in Murska Sobota. In total, 76 workshops were attended by 2,060 young drivers. Support for “AMZS family hours” continued to be provided.
  • In the AMZS Safe Driving Centre in Vransko, educational and charity events "Motorcyclists for Motorcyclists'’ were organised, at which 261 motorcyclists refreshed their driver knowledge and tested their driving skills in various dangerous situations. The Company co-financed the purchase of motorcycling and road accident rescue equipment.
  • Moreover, support was provided for the long-term ecological research study Varna vrnitev (Safe Return) aimed at increasing air traffic safety. The study will contribute to the reduction of claims for the damage incurred during take-off and landing due to bird strike as well as to the protection of biodiversity at the airport site and the surrounding areas.
  • The subsidiary Triglav Osiguranje, Zagreb supported the preventive campaign "Don’t Drink and Drive".

Other prevention projects

  • Within the framework of the second New Year's prevention campaign "For a Better Tomorrow", Zavarovalnica Triglav supported 31 prevention projects in local communities throughout Slovenia. The funds spent on New Year’s corporate gifts in the past were donated to fire-fighters, civil protection, health care and road safety of children in all 12 regional units. Within two years, more than 50 prevention projects received support within the campaign.
  • At the opening and closing events of the sixth the Let’s Clean Our Mountains Drive, members of the Mountain Rescue Association of Slovenia demonstrated to the mountaineers how to behave properly in the mountains and how to act in the event of an accident. The Mountain Guide application is available to mountaineers for free as is online planning of mountain paths with more than 4,000 peaks in Slovenia, which was upgraded in cooperation with the Alpine Association of Slovenia.
  • In cooperation with the Kolenc Family Theatre, workshops on internet risks and safety for children were organised, thereby completing the online prevention project. In 2014 and 2015, performances were held at 48 elementary schools throughout Slovenia, attended by as many as 8,021 of elementary school children.
  • Policyholders are financially encouraged to maintain and improve anti-fire systems, purchase fire alarms and the systems of access control/intruder detection. Investments are made in the maintenance and purchase of equipment for volunteer fire services. Triglav Osiguranje, Belgrade co-financed fire safety measures.