Responsibility to clients

An integral part of the business concept and strategy is responsibility towards the policyholders, which puts clients at the centre of the Company’s operations. The related topics are presented in several sections, particularly in Section Development and sales activities. Responsibility towards policyholders means stability of the Company, responsiveness, transparency, intelligibility and accessibility of insurance products and services. Dynamic development in smart, connected services, mobile applications and claim settlement are presented in the aforementioned section. To point out a few highlights:

  • Promotion and rewarding of safe driving. In 2015, Zavarovalnica Triglav was the first to offer usage-based insurance on the Slovene market. The DRAJV service improves and promotes safe driving of all users, not only of Zavarovalnica Triglav’s policyholders (see Section Marketing Activities for more details). 
  • Upgrading of claim services. The upgraded mobile application Triglav Škode was developed to offer assistance upon occurrence of a loss event, provide advice and begin the motor vehicle and home insurance claim settlement procedure already at the site of the occurrence. The process organisation in all insurance subsidiaries is being adapted to allow simple reporting (at all regional units, representative offices, certain contractual partners, the toll-free telephone number, online and mobile reporting) and quick settlement of claims (see Section Development activities for available solutions). In the event of mass claims, properly adjusted claim settlement procedures allow to take into account the circumstances in which the policyholders find themselves to an even greater extent (for further details see Section Development activities).
  • Strengthening of prevention activities. The previously mentioned widely used website Vse bo v redu (Everything Will Be Alright) came online, providing advice on prevention and promoting insurance literacy. Not only in-house and external advisers but also users participate in its operation. In cooperation with the Slovenian Environment Agency, the hail alert mobile application was updated and upgraded. The new application Triglav Vreme (Triglav Weather) will also be widely used and available to everyone in Slovenia. See Section Preventive activities  for more details about prevention activities.
  • User experience is optimised, analysed and enhanced by introducing improvements. 
  • Online operations were centralised, the websites of subsidiaries were redesigned and online operations were introduced for the client throughout the whole purchase cycle. 
  • The modern channels are upgraded to provide quick access to assistance and up-to-date information as well as to enable simple procedures for exercising the rights arising from insurance and for taking out insurance. Clients can receive information on non-life and life insurance products by calling the toll-free number 080 555 555. The assistance and general information point is fully operational 24 hours a day and 365 days a year at the special number 080 2864 (for calls from abroad +386 2222 2864). The website acquaints clients about products and services, enables safe underwriting, quick reporting of claims, purchase of insurance policies and advice. Equal access to the range of products and services is also provided to computer literate movement-impaired policyholders. In all formats of information materials (web, print or audio-video editions), the Company strives for simplicity and clarity. The i.triglav web office provides policyholders access to their non-life, life and health insurance policies. In 2015, an online service for supplemental voluntary pension insurance for business users was developed (seealso section Development activities – Lifeinsurance). In Croatia, online access and management of life insurance policies were enabled. 
  • It is planned to include non-life insurance in the web office in Croatia in 2016. Transfer to other subsidiaries will be carried out gradually.

People with different types of impairment (visually, hearing or movement impaired) are able to completely independently access most (65%) of the Company’s points of sale. Data on points of sale with independent access for handicapped persons are available at the Company’s website: Where no automatic doors have been fitted yet, special signs and bells for assistance in opening doors are being installed. Own points of sale have been equipped with accessories for partially sighted persons (magnifying glasses), while regional units’ head offices have FM devices enabling better communication with persons with hearing disabilities. 

Zavarovalnica Triglav strives for its website to be in compliance at least with the requirements of the AA standard WCAG 2.0 for visually impaired persons.

In order to promote awareness about the needs of persons with disabilities, the Company cooperates with the Sports Federation for the Disabled of Slovenia. In addition, employees of Zavarovalnica Triglav voluntarily educate children at school sports days about the needs of persons who have a disability.

Zavarovalnica Triglav promotes a responsible attitude to the natural environment and encourages locally grown food supply through insurance products and services, especially in agricultural insurance: 

  • The premium policy is designed to encourage policyholders to invest in active protection from adverse weather conditions through the use of anti-hail nets, greenhouses, tunnels, and irrigation and sprinkler systems for spring frost protection. The Company funds research on growing a more resistant planting material.
  • Apart from that, funds were provided for the installation of multiple anti-hail nets in orchards across Slovenia.
  • The Company participated in the Agrobiznis Project (under the auspices of Finance newspaper), which presents and promotes large and small agricultural producers and processors (self-sufficiency in food).
  • In agricultural insurance, electronic commerce was introduced in the estimation of damage in the field, which is both user- and environment-friendly (paperless operations). 
  • The Company encourages less intensive animal production, which is not only environmentally friendlier but also involves fewer insurance risks. Cattle insurance (the main class of livestock insurance) was adapted to certain local specifics and small and medium-sized livestock farms to maintain agricultural production in less favoured areas (limiting agricultural factors).
  • The stimulative premium policy for young farmers contributes to the promotion of young farmers setting up an agricultural holding, the preservation of settlement and larger land cultivation in the Slovene countryside. These goals are consistent with the interests of both the Common Agricultural Policy and the Slovene agricultural policy.
  • By distributing promotional preventive items, the possibility of the occurrence of damage in livestock production is reduced (dermatological veterinary ointments and sprays, birth ropes).
  • Individual target groups are informed about the importance of prevention and risk management in agricultural production and the need to protect domestic food production (the Tla (Soil) prize competition at the AGRA 2015 fair, including a free soil analysis by the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, etc.). 
  • Active support is provided to the Slovene Rural Youth Association (ZPMS) for its annual Young Innovative Farmer competition (the general sponsor of the 9 competition held in 2015).
  • Apart from that, the Company co-financed the purchase of diving equipment and a sonar for environmentally-friendly underwater bottom surveys as well as other prevention activities of the Slovenian Diving Association.

Satisfaction of clients is reflected in their complaints and compliments, which are analysed and resolved according to previously defined procedures. They also serve as the basis for introducing improvements and corrective measures. In the reporting year, 1,329 complaints were received or 9% less compared to the previous year. The majority of complaints were made with respect to the content (84.6%), most of which were related to non-life insurance (66%), 33% referred to life insurance and 1% to other segments. The most common reason for filing a complaint related to life insurance was the amount of insurance benefits and the insurance conclusion procedure, while with respect to non-life insurance most complaints were filed against the decision of the Company that there were no grounds for the payment of damages or insurance benefits. In the reporting year, 15.7% of total resolved complaints were founded and 11.6% were partly founded. Apart from that, 60 compliments were received (75 in 2014).

So as to determine client satisfaction and knowledge, the survey Insurance Monitor (international survey conducted annually since 2000), brand reputation measurements among residents (twice a year) and purchase factor measurements are used.